Nu-Tan Patch Box Set of 5

The Nu-Tan™ patches are easy and effective – dubbed the future of tanning. They were developed by Nu-Tan™ to be convenient. They do not have the same side-effects as the injections, or the regular dosing requirements of the spray.


You will use the patch every one to three days in the loading phase, depending on how quickly you want to get your tan. Then, you will need to lie in the sun for about 30 minutes or the Tan-Can for 10 minutes on the days that you use the patch. The more often you use the patch and get UV exposure (i.e. every day as opposed to every third day), the quicker you will tan. Once you have achieved the golden tan you’re after, it is advised that you reduce your use of the patch to every third day as part of your maintenance phase (this will also make your patches last longer). It is crucial that you get some sun on the same day that you use the patch.

The patches are simply put onto your skin (usually somewhere out of the way, like the outer part of the upper arm). For detailed instructions, click here.

There are no side effects (other than a little redness where the patch was applied, which disappears within a few hours).

Nu-Tan Patch Box Set of 5


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