Optiphi Intense Retinol Serum

optiphi®’s award winning anti-aging serum is designed to promote cellular rejuvenation, delivering the highest concentration of retinol to the skin.

Retinol, a powerful anti-aging agent targets wrinkles, age spots and pigmentation. UV damage is addressed and sebum production controlled. Peptides boost collagen, hyaluronic acid and elastin production in the skin, firming the skin. Antioxidants, inhibit damaging reactions leading to aging and support balance within the skin.  Lipids delay the signs of aging by increasing the vitality of skin cells.

Concentrated Cellular Rejuvenator

How to use: It is recommended that this Retinol-rich serum is introduced into your skin routine gradually as directed by your optiphi® skin specialist. Apply the Infinity Serum under your optiphi® Revitalizer and Control Cream or over your Active Gels. Allow the product to penetrate thoroughly before continuing with further product applications. Recommended to be used in the evenings for best results.

Optiphi Intense Retinol Serum


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